The desert is one of the mysterious places on earth where normal rules about living are suspended and even absent. More like the sea than any comparable landmass, the desert stretches away to the horizon blinking as if opposite to a giant lake which of course is just a mirage! Visiting the desert feels like plunging into a wonder place of marvels. It also gives the opportunity to relish the silence with only the "earth breathing" and the sounds of an occasional desert fox nearby.

Dunes Egypt is an expert safari planner in the field. We have everything a tourist can dream of, an incredible thrilling experience, reliable expert treatment, luxury accommodation, traditional cuisine and home grown food, customized and tailor-made packages, luxury private mobile camps, a wide variety of services, professional desert safari drivers eager to give you a thrilling adventurous ride, and above all a passionate professional team.

Pioneers in arranging desert safari tours, we are eager to offer royal treatment for you to enjoy every nook and corner of the vast Egyptian desert which boasts of marvellous unedited sceneries.

Our exclusive benefits are all about finding peace in nature and enjoying a selective magical and fairy experience.

Dunes Egypt is a luxury Safari Company specialized in providing first class safari trips and luxurious mobile camps.

We are confident that our innovative project will attract the interest of travelers in their desire to discover the charm of the Egyptian desert.


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